Addressing the new hospital patient journey with CRM

White Rhino healthcare guest INTERVIEW

I recently sat down with Anaye Milligan, former Digital Marketer Director at Insperity and The New York Times Company, for a fresh perspective on some of the challenges facing today's marketers in healthcare.


3 surprising lessons on patient experience from TurboTax

Ahhh, tax season. It used to be that time of year that you handed a giant folder over to your accountant – not merely for convenience but because he actually knows how to navigate the complexity of tax forms. Until, that is, TurboTax reimagined the tax experience, empowering millions of consumers to complete their taxes all on their own.


Marketing BS can be found in video too

No marketing channel is free of Marketing BS. And, as this parody beautifully points out, video can be one of the worst offenders.


Cut the BS. Your audience will thank you.

Article was originally published in's Global Business Hub Blog on Feb 20, 2014



Built around best-in-class, commerce and industry solutions, we offer the most complete, cloud-enabled customer experience solution in the industry, creating a streamlined, efficient environment where companies can definitively differentiate themselves across all channels, touch points, and interactions…

Go ahead and admit that sentence made you glaze over. Did it tell you anything you needed to know about a product or service? Nope, not really – a classic scratch your head and think “huh?” moment.


Your Brain is Asking For It - The Psychology of Gamification

Nerd Alert - Monacle Not Required, But....