A better recipe for cookies management in healthcare

Today’s media is buzzing with pretty dramatic headlines declaring the end of cookies on the web. But here's the thing: it's not all doom and gloom for marketers. For marketers who have relied heavily on third-party cookies over the past several years, the shift to a cookie-less web can feel daunting. But our ability to personalize messages and offers is not going away. We just need to be more mindful and strategic about the way we collect and use data. 


Under the Hood of Website Personalization


Creating moments of customer serendipity

Where “serendipity” is used to describe the coincidental occurrence of events in a beneficial way, the concept of customer serendipity is not a matter 
of chance at all.

With right strategy and technology, you can deliver the right content at exactly the right time that it matters. It seems like surprise to your users and yet it is a trusted and welcomed interaction.

Today’s modern and personalized web architectures allow you to give each user a unique experience tailored to their needs. 


What's a digital twin and what does it mean for my website privacy policy?

Each day it's getting harder to keep up with the latest trends in digital consumer engagement – not to mention the complex privacy risks that come with it. Take for instance the concept of digital twins, which has secured a spot in Gartner's latest hype cycle for emerging technologies. These virtual representations of a customer are intended to simulate, emulate and anticipate consumer behavior to help modify and enhance the customer experience.

While even Gartner predicts true market adoption is still at least 5 years away, it's imperative that companies start setting the right ethical foundation now. 


How One Pixel Disrupted the Healthcare Industry

On June 16, 2022, healthcare marketers woke up under a microscope. A small line of code on their website was being called into question for sharing sensitive patient data back to Facebook without patients’ consent. And even those that were not using the pixel in question suddenly found themselves in deep conversations with their IT and compliance teams.

Listen as we discuss the matter with special guest Marc Needham from Combinaut – specializing in website content management tools tailored to the unique needs of hospital websites.

Nothing in this podcast should be taken as a recommendation or formal assessment. Please consult with your organization’s own legal and compliance team.


HIPAA-compliant website personalization: the risks and rewards

If you've been reading the news in recent months, there is an increasing cross-industry focus on consumer privacy, security, and trust. And if you're in digital marketing, you're probably scratching your head trying to figure out what it means.


Hospital Virtual Tours: Patients get a behind the scenes look

To reduce patient anxiety around their treatment, many healthcare organizations are turning to virtual tours. To dig deeper into why this is such an effective tool, I recently sat down with one of White Rhino's research partners, Dean Browell at Feedback.


Augmented Reality, The Game-Changer



Choosing the right CMS

Addictive Marketing Podcast

Choosing the right Content Management System (CMS) can seem like a daunting task, but it doesn't have to be. If you take the right steps, you can implement a CMS that fits your immediate needs, and grows with your organization. Listen in as we talk about how to choose the right CMS.