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Revenue generation for Healthcare providers has never been a bigger concern than it is today. In this podcast Dan Greenwald and Dave Hallet discuss the most powerful strategies and tactics you can use to supercharge new patient acquisition.

If you’re looking for some revenue “quick wins”, along with strategies that will continue to help your patient base grow, you’ll find some valuable tips you can start using right away.

You’ll learn the revenue generation technique that B2B marketers have known for decades. You also learn about new, cutting edge strategies and insights for:


  • Search Engine Marketing: how to turn Google from a mystery into your secret weapon (hint: Google tells us exactly how)
  • Reputation Management: far more than just star ratings you’ll learn how to unlock the power to attract and convert
  • Finding your patients: learn how to “fish where the fish are” by identifying patients in specific zip codes who are looking for your specific services
  • SEO: why you shouldn’t worry too much about it.
  • New Revenue: The most powerful strategy you’re NOT using that will you give you a significant competitive advantage.
  • Best-of-breed partners: a simple way to know if they are the right fit for your organization

This is one podcast you can't afford to miss!  Thanks for listening!



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