Hospital marketing 2.0: coloring outside the lines with a digital-first approach

I recently sat down with Patrick Bender for the Hospital Marketing National podcast series to discuss how healthcare marketing is changing in response to a more digitally-savvy consumer. You can listen to the full conversation here (click on Episode 5) but below are some highlights from our conversation.


Strategies to Stop Patient Leakage: Your Questions Answered

In a recent Webcast, we teamed up with Vicki J. Brown, former CMO for Joslin Diabetes Center, to discuss why patient leakage is a growing problem in healthcare and 4 marketing and service strategies for driving greater patient loyalty.

Below we've assembled answers to some of the best questions that came out of the event (watch the replay here).


Award-winning healthcare website experiences

Healthcare Internet Conference recognizes White Rhino with three platinum hospital website awards

Bold, trailblazing and first-of-their-kind projects were recognized at this year's eHealthcare Strategy Leadership Awards. White Rhino is honored to have worked on three experiences that received platinum awards in their respective categories: Overlake Medical Center's Google-like search-based website, Regional Health System's material design-inspired card-based homepage and Ochsner Health System's patient-centric reimagined quality and safety digital assessment tool.


What Starbucks can teach healthcare marketers about patient loyalty and leakage

Much like your average cup of joe with cream and sugar, customer experience in healthcare has become a commodity. Patients don’t have any sort of loyalty to a particular brand. In fact, 23% of patients see 3 or more PCPs in just 2 years. And unless you’re delivering a great experience, they’re not simply switching to a new doctor in the same hospital. They’re making a wholesale shift to the hospital across the street. A Press Ganey survey found that hospitals with patient satisfaction in the bottom 10th percentile lost 17% of patient volume.


3 ways to shift to a value-based marketing strategy

It’s no secret that the days of “fee-for-service” are nearing an end. What might be less obvious is how this shift to value-based care should impact your healthcare marketing strategy. It’s time to get ready to figure out how your marketing can support more efficient and cost-effective patient acquisition and retention programs. Here are a few steps you can take to get started.  


Addressing the new hospital patient journey with CRM

White Rhino healthcare guest INTERVIEW

I recently sat down with Anaye Milligan, former Digital Marketer Director at Insperity and The New York Times Company, for a fresh perspective on some of the challenges facing today's marketers in healthcare.


The Science of Audience Journey Mapping: Your Questions Answered

In a recent Webcast, we teamed up with Citrix's global strategy lead for audience & content marketing to discuss a modern approach to journey mapping that considers customers' psychological drivers.


The biggest challenge in healthcare: it’s invisible.

If there were one problem I could snap my fingers and fix in healthcare, it would be invisibility.