Posted by Dan Greenwald

Ever wonder sometimes if human beings have “over-evolved”? That maybe the cumulative innovations, over hundreds of thousands of years on this planet, have finally surpassed our ability to comprehend it all?

The ways our world is complicating is exponential and is, itself, complex.

Complicated left untreated breeds more complicated, until it has compounded to the point of utter paralysis.

Take this. According to “Domo. Data Never Sleeps,” in the last minute:

  • 48 hours of YouTube videos have been uploaded
  • 204,000,000 emails have been sent
  • Over 100,000 Tweets have been Tweeted
  • and 571 new web pages have been created

Media proliferation is but one form of modern-day human complication. Let’s compound that with a look at vertical markets. In this age of workplace specialization, there is no such thing as a mere “engineer” or “software developer” or “doctor” anymore. Today, these verticals have verticals, each with different psychological profiles, motivations, and ways of processing information.

And what about the products we’re trying to sell? According to Barry Schwartz, writer of “The Paradox of Choice,” there are over 6,000,000 stereo-system combinations you could create in a typical big-box electronics retailer and 285 different varieties of cookies in a typical grocery store. Are those welcome complications?

It’s a wonder people even get out of bed every day. It’s another wonder that a marketer gets out of bed every day.

That’s why we are taking a stand.

We’ve had enough. We are re-building our agency around a clear concept: uncomplicating a complicated world. So instead of creativity for creativity’s sake, which only adds unnecessary complexity; or instead of applying cookie-cutter methodology to every unique problem; or instead of viciously hacking the brush of relevant information to make it “simple” only to risk cutting out relevance itself; we are taking a different approach.

We are going to run directly into the face of complicated, we are going to kiss it on the lips, and we are going to obsess with helping people - marketers and the audiences they reach – to uncomplicate their worlds.

It’s in that spirit that we welcome you to our “uncomplicating” obsession.

We invite you to join us on our journey to mutual understanding. In this blog we will publicize our evolution, our insights, and our findings, scientific and otherwise, on “uncomplicating” as we uncover them.

We invite you to participate. Post comments below, subscribe via RSS, visit our Facebook page, post articles, studies you find and anything else that will help us all uncomplicate our worlds.

Fasten your seatbelt. Here we go.


Topics: Strategy, Creative