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Experiencing is believing: how to create habit-forming B2B product demos

I hear it often in B2B, “we have the hardest time explaining what we do, but as soon as our prospects SEE it, they’re blown away.” The immediate instinct is to push prospects straight to a demo or an in-person meeting. But when 73% of B2B leads are not sales-ready, that’s like going “all-in” before the flop in Texas Hold’em. Your prospects will fold immediately.


The biggest challenge in healthcare: it’s invisible.

If there were one problem I could snap my fingers and fix in healthcare, it would be invisibility.


Patient portals are due for a drastic overhaul

The patient portal has become the primary consumer access point to a patient’s electronic medical record. Moreover, it is becoming an entirely new channel for the delivery of healthcare – a place where patients schedule online appointments, view messages and lab results, and take advantage of e-health services.  


Why Fear is the Wrong Emotion in Healthcare Marketing

Fear is a powerful motivator. But as Solis Women’s Health found out, it can also be a powerful demotivator.

Studies prove it: people are incapable of making decisions without a little burst of dopamine – the brain's emotional happy juice. Smart marketers know emotion is the key.


Your Brain is Asking For It - The Psychology of Gamification

Nerd Alert - Monacle Not Required, But....


Celebrating 101 Years of Gamification

Did Someone Just Say - "101 Years of Gamification"?

That's correct. Just like like the shock some of our younger staff members experience when we show them that many common Direct Marketing techniques preceded the internet era, "Gamification" itself is something that preceded the digital era as well. While some might put the start of it all with the Boy Scouts awarding their badges from 1911, we think a more deserving start point would be the introduction of "A Prize in Every Box" of Cracker Jack's in 1912. And as we will show in our next article, pyschology demonstrates how we are wired to respond to these techniques. For today, we will talk a bit about how those techniques have been deployed and mastered over time.


Gamification in B2B Marketing is about Addiction, NOT Games

When you hear the term gamification you probably think of Xbox or Angry Birds or Grand Theft Auto. I think of "addiction" - or the impulse to keep doing something because you subconsciously like it. Research has shown that we are all born with a desire to play games. It’s wired into us. Brands can take advantage of that desire, not by creating games, but by using “game mechanics” to drive certain desired behaviors.


What’s the Opposite of Complicated? It’s Not Simple.

If you Google “uncomplicate your life” you’ll get over 2,200,000 results; change the search to “simplify your life” you get 11,100,000. These numbers suggest a yearning for an easier way, but also that most believe the answer to “complicated” is to simplify.  But is this really true?