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No marketing channel is free of Marketing BS. And, as this parody beautifully points out, video can be one of the worst offenders.

There's no shortage of marketing videos today that sprinkle in highly aspirational marketing jargon and pull at your hearstrings through generic stock video cuts.  Then to top it off: a voiceover so tender that it makes you well up with tears. As consumers, we've seen so many of these that our instinct is to tune out. Even if we did pay attention, this approach is so overly formulaic and totally interchangeable that we'd never remember the brand that produced it. 

So how do you cut the BS out of your videos? Like any good recovery program, the fist step is admitting you have a problem. Check out our Marketing BS detector to see how your website and other marketing materials measure up – and get the tips you need to rid yourself of the marketing buzzword stink.


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