Posted by Jodi Vautrin


A well-appointed home is one that is not only comfortable and beautiful, but runs efficiently and with the smartest technology available. This topic of home automation is getting hot and the inherent cross-section between design beauty and function is near and dear to my heart.

When I am not blogging about or working on home renovations and style, I am designing user interfaces (UI Design) and interactive media (stemming from my background in graphic design). Many of my colleagues and I are always buzzing about products that use very current technologies and have incredible user-interface designs that melt the barrier between people and technology, making tasks easier and goals achievable. It's what I strive for in my own work.

Check out my personal blog to review some of these must-have home devices that have caught my attention including:

• nest learning thermostat
• Twine home monitoring
• Tag pet tracker
• hue lighting system
• TopBrewer coffee "tap"

It's pretty awesome that these are no longer "future predictions", but products and solutions that can be part of our homes and daily lives right now. And it seems, everyone wins with these.

As one of White Rhino’s trusted user experience designers, Jodi Vautrin has an extrordinary eye for design as seen through her beautiful, and highly followed Pinterest board. Jodi enjoys working on projects that innovate, solve problems, help people understand information, and enhance experiences. When she’s not designing or pinning , Jodi volunteers her time as Vice President and Director of Emerging Ideas for AIGA Boston.


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