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Talking about COVID vaccination can be an emotional topic. Question is, if you're a healthcare organization trying to educate consumers so they can make the right decision for their family, which emotion is most important?

Since 90% of what happens in the human brain is subconscious, we knew we couldn't uncover the answer by asking consumers directly. So instead, we asked their subconscious.

Using a series of user-generated videos that we found on TikTok (featured at the end of this article). And, through Facial Action Coding, we evaluated viewers' expressions against their conscious reactions.

Download a report of our findings to learn:

  • How to strike the right balance of emotions

  • Which emotions created greater spikes in engagement

  • A key difference in how different genders responded to the videos

  • Why, if we were to create new content on this subject, we'd create two distinct videos


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Research Methodology

The testing was conducted online among 210 unvaccinated adults (n=30 X 7) in the United States between October-November 2021. Using the Monet platform for facial recognition we were able to measure changes in expressions throughout the videos. Participants were also given a survey before and after consuming the videos and the opportunity to offer qualitative feedback.

The following videos were selected from TikTok and shown to each respondent in randomized order:

"Alarm fatigue"
Nurse shares the sounds of continuous alarms as patients' vital signs reach clinical limits. No patients are shown.

"Father changes mind"
Father on a ventilator expresses that he was against the vaccine because of his values but "that little boy is the reason to have a vaccine," referencing his son.


After spending weeks in the hospital, this family’s perspective on vaccines has changed. #news #covid #health #covid19 #vaccine #hospital #yahoonews

♬ original sound - Yahoo News

"It hurst to breathe"
As she struggles with COVID symptoms, this woman expresses that COVID is real and asks people to wear their masks.

"Asking for prayers"
With hospital equipment beeping in the background, this young woman shares that she has a blood clot in her lungs and asks for followers' prayers as she goes in for a CT scan.


Please pray🙏🏼 #covid19 #fyp #pray #pray #pray thank you for allll the love. Love you all!

♬ original sound - 𝓑𝓮 𝓴𝓲𝓷𝓭

"Patient montage"
Showcases multiple patients and families both inside and outside the hospital and emphasizes the importance of getting vaccinated.

"Implications of non-vaccination"
A nurse shares the story of a woman who was against vaccination that has now passed from COVID. At the end she is emotional about the impact for this family as their father is now also on his way to the hospital.

"Things I look forward to"
This video, which has since been removed from TikTok, featured a young woman getting her vaccine the split to scenes of the things she was looking forward to: concerts, getting together with friends, etc.