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Healthcare Internet Conference recognizes White Rhino with three platinum hospital website awards

Bold, trailblazing and first-of-their-kind projects were recognized at this year's eHealthcare Strategy Leadership Awards. White Rhino is honored to have worked on three experiences that received platinum awards in their respective categories: Overlake Medical Center's Google-like search-based website, Regional Health System's material design-inspired card-based homepage and Ochsner Health System's patient-centric reimagined quality and safety digital assessment tool.

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Overlake Medical Center (Bellevue, WA)

Best Home Page Design - 2017 eHealthcare Leadership Awards


Most hospital websites are structured like their complex org charts but our research showed that patients don't understand the healthcare professional nomenclature of these inwardly-facing org charts. If they don't understand this language then how will they find what they're looking for?

The new Overlake website delivers a more personalized experience, fully reimagining how users navigate a hospital website. Users simply type in plain English questions and get a dynamically generated, customized page tailored to their needs. Think Google meets Pinterest.

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Regional Health System (Rapid City, SD)

Best Home Page Design - 2017 eHealthcare Leadership Awards

regional responsive-4

As interoperability between the EHR, CRM, and website CMS improve, we’ll soon see hospital websites where every visitor receives a different experience. It will feel completely tailored to each visitor’s unique needs and preferences.

The redesigned Regional Health website represents the latest in this important move towards greater personalization of healthcare experiences. Inspired by Google’s Material Design standards, the site is a responsive, card-based design system supported by two key pillars: authentic storytelling and personalized content.

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Ochsner Health System (New Orleans, LA)

Best Annual or Special Report - 2017 eHealthcare Leadership Awards

iphone 3 hands v2

It all started with a simple question: “Why wouldn’t we allow our health consumers the same experience they get when evaluating the quality and safety of cars on Consumer Reports? Why wouldn’t we allow the same ease of access to the quality of healthcare organizations?”

The new experience not only brings greater levels of visitor engagement, it's also an effective inbound marketing tactic. As prospects move through the experience, a progressive lead generation form captures details for Ochsner's CRM. And once someone uses their email address to register for gated content, corresponding email nurture programs are triggered.

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