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Imperfect Intentions: A Path to Sustainable Behavior Change

When I first started working in sustainability, I suffered from imposter syndrome. I was surrounded by people who were making far more sustainable choices than I was. And I questioned my ability to ever live up to their same standards. Could I ever belong here?


Under the Hood of Website Personalization


Creating moments of customer serendipity

Where “serendipity” is used to describe the coincidental occurrence of events in a beneficial way, the concept of customer serendipity is not a matter 
of chance at all.

With right strategy and technology, you can deliver the right content at exactly the right time that it matters. It seems like surprise to your users and yet it is a trusted and welcomed interaction.

Today’s modern and personalized web architectures allow you to give each user a unique experience tailored to their needs. 


What's a digital twin and what does it mean for my website privacy policy?

Each day it's getting harder to keep up with the latest trends in digital consumer engagement – not to mention the complex privacy risks that come with it. Take for instance the concept of digital twins, which has secured a spot in Gartner's latest hype cycle for emerging technologies. These virtual representations of a customer are intended to simulate, emulate and anticipate consumer behavior to help modify and enhance the customer experience.

While even Gartner predicts true market adoption is still at least 5 years away, it's imperative that companies start setting the right ethical foundation now. 


Customer serendipity: a recipe for content marketing at scale

In 2017, Marketo announced that we are in living in a new era: the Engagement Economy. “Today’s consumer craves brands that share their values and demonstrate that they understand “me” at a personal level.”


Are you marketing to Yanny or Laurel?

No matter if your hear "Yanny" or "Laurel", one thing we all can learn from this week's social debate is that the human brain has a magical way of constructing what we hear, see, and even feel. And this has huge implications for marketing.


Moving beyond a one-size-fits-all social strategy.

By nature, social media sites are, well…social. That means that people use them for very personal and emotional reasons. Likewise, brands should have very different strategies for each channel. Especially at a time when Facebook is emphasizing more meaningful interactions, you should pause before posting the same exact content across all social channels. 


Digital engagement trends driving hospital marketing in 2018

After helping judge the “Best Mobile Communications” category for the 2017 eHealthcare Leadership awards, White Rhino’s chief digital strategist Shawn Gross shared with me, “The industry is definitely on a curve of innovation.” But he was quick to follow that up, “there’s also a wide divide between what I would call true digital engagement and traditional marketing efforts.”


What Starbucks can teach healthcare marketers about patient loyalty and leakage

Much like your average cup of joe with cream and sugar, customer experience in healthcare has become a commodity. Patients don’t have any sort of loyalty to a particular brand. In fact, 23% of patients see 3 or more PCPs in just 2 years. And unless you’re delivering a great experience, they’re not simply switching to a new doctor in the same hospital. They’re making a wholesale shift to the hospital across the street. A Press Ganey survey found that hospitals with patient satisfaction in the bottom 10th percentile lost 17% of patient volume.