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Last week, Las Vegas hosted the inaugural HLTH Conference. According to organizers, it was "a much needed dialogue focused on disruptive innovation." Here's our take on a few noteworthy topics from the event.

#1: Redefining what we mean by health care


Well said! To be a meaningful part of patients’ lives, it’s no longer enough for hospitals to treat sickness. They need to find ways to become more present everyday and create powerful bonds that last a lifetime. Read Mark's Story to see how this new approach is changing healthcare — and saving lives.

#2: Hospital competition heats up


That competition isn't just within healthcare anymore. Players like Amazon are making big moves that hospital leaders should take note of. Hear more commentary in our interview with CBS Boston.


#3: The real impact of virtual reality

Our take

We're equally excited about the potential of VR and other emerging technologies to Make the Invisible Visible and even to have a real impact on patient outcomes. We recently got to witness that impact first-hand when we hosted a 3D virtual reality adventure for the patients at MassGeneral Hospital for Children. Check it out:


If there's one final insight we can take from all the innovation at HLTH 2018, it's that the future is all about weaving remarkable brand experiences into the operational fabric of provider organizations – ultimately delivering the kind of experience that consumers have the right to expect in healthcare. If you’re developing programs like these we’d like to interview you for our trailblazer blog series. Contact us to learn more or connect with us at these upcoming healthcare events.

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