Patient portals are due for a drastic overhaul

The patient portal has become the primary consumer access point to a patient’s electronic medical record. Moreover, it is becoming an entirely new channel for the delivery of healthcare – a place where patients schedule online appointments, view messages and lab results, and take advantage of e-health services.  


How hospital websites can build trust before the first patient visit

I recently moved to a new town and began the search for a pediatrician for my 19-month old son. I quickly became frustrated with the lack of information. And I’m not alone, 38% of patients wished that they had more information before choosing a doctor.


Why Your Hospital Website Needs Treatment Programs

If you’re a hospital digital marketer, you need to be creating online treatment programs. Here are 5 reasons why.

Car websites have cars. Zappos has shoes and product videos. Apple has shiny gadgets beautifully photographed. Amazon has photos of products, the ability to look inside the pages of books and user feedback. Lots and lots of user feedback.


Why Fear is the Wrong Emotion in Healthcare Marketing

Fear is a powerful motivator. But as Solis Women’s Health found out, it can also be a powerful demotivator.

Studies prove it: people are incapable of making decisions without a little burst of dopamine – the brain's emotional happy juice. Smart marketers know emotion is the key.


12 Insights You Need to Know Before Building a Hospital Website

Hospital website redesigns aren’t easy.

First of all, there’s the internal politics. They seem to put the needs of individuals and department agendas over the needs of the entire organization. This complication seems to affect hospital website redesigns more than any other industry.


Cut the BS. Your audience will thank you.

Article was originally published in's Global Business Hub Blog on Feb 20, 2014



Built around best-in-class, commerce and industry solutions, we offer the most complete, cloud-enabled customer experience solution in the industry, creating a streamlined, efficient environment where companies can definitively differentiate themselves across all channels, touch points, and interactions…

Go ahead and admit that sentence made you glaze over. Did it tell you anything you needed to know about a product or service? Nope, not really – a classic scratch your head and think “huh?” moment.


How To Market in a World of Device A.D.D.

According to Google, 57% of the time when we’re using a smartphone, we’re using another device. And Forbes reports that when people watch TV while working on their computer, they typically spend no longer than 5 seconds on a particular screen before shifting their focus to the other.


Gamification in B2B Marketing is about Addiction, NOT Games

When you hear the term gamification you probably think of Xbox or Angry Birds or Grand Theft Auto. I think of "addiction" - or the impulse to keep doing something because you subconsciously like it. Research has shown that we are all born with a desire to play games. It’s wired into us. Brands can take advantage of that desire, not by creating games, but by using “game mechanics” to drive certain desired behaviors.